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If you’ve ever been convicted of drinking under the influence of alcohol then you know what I’m talking about. Michigan DUI laws are very strict. In this day and age they need to be as way too many people have carelessly drink themselves into oblivion and then get into a car thinking they can operate it as if they’re sober. Such immature and inconsiderate thinking has cost many lives and many many millions of dollars in damages.
And, we’re all paying for their mistakes one way or another.

Now, without getting philosophical or self-righteous I’m well aware that sometimes bad things happen to good people. A small mistake can have substantial and lasting repurcussions.
If you’ve been pulled over for drinking and driving and have been charged with a DUI offense then you know it can be pretty scary. You are now being treated like a criminal.
Here are some of the things you stand to lose.

  • Attorney costs in thousands of dollars
  • Court costs and fees in the thousands of dollars
  • Increased insurance rates ranging from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand per year. Some insurance companies may drop you from their policy and you may be forced to get insurance through a tier II insurer.
  • Depending on your employment or the licenses you hold you may lose your licenses or your job in some cases. in some other cases you may not be able to gain employment or get a promotion due to your record. It is also possible to get demoted if you hold a managerial or executive position with a high profile company.
  • Driving privileges may get taken away.
  • AA attendance may be mandatory.
  • Random alcohol testing at inconvenient times
  • Possible jail time, etc.

I don’t mean to scare you but these are real repercussions that can stem from a DUI conviction. The biggest mistake you can make dwell on your mistakes and hope that the problem somehow will go away. This may be common sense but way too many people take this approach. What you need to do is take action right now. Time is against you and the law is against you.
You know you’re in an undesirable situation. You know you need an a good attorney and you need one fast. You need to get the best Detroit DUI lawyer that’s available to you. The best Detroit DUI lawyer will use their experience and the law to get you the best possible outcome available to you. So, stop waiting and start searching. Click here to learn more about DUI offenses and how to handle them.